Some of You May Know...
We started our winery business in 2005 in a large warehouse just north of Cortland teaching wine making, selling homemade wine supplies, and starting our own winery in 2008. Wine, cookouts, great music from local bands, Cortland Wine Cellar enjoyed a busy and fun five plus years of business, we met and made new friends and customers. All the while planning and searching for that perfect location for our "Country" Winery. We found the quiet, beautiful Country Home on Wilson Sharpsville Road in 2007 and 4 years later we have followed our dream ...  by the Grace of God, the SUPPORT  of our family and HUGE HELP from our friends we now have a beautiful relaxing
Country Porch to invite you to enjoy!

Our Story

"It’s simple, We love Our Country Porch  & we hope  you will too…"

Come on Over …. Come  on  In…. 

Pull Up A Seat …. 

 You’ll Be  Surprised  ByWho You Meet

We love making wine for people to enjoy.  Our Winery reflects a relaxing, warm and welcoming porch for you to enjoy picnics, sit in a cozy “just like home” atmosphere or by the roar of a fire. A place to relax and visit with friends and family while we do all the work.


We fell in love with this century old horse farm and we hope you will too 

Honoring the Past … 

We hope to be
part of 

Your present and
Your future…